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The eyelight industry branch of national health industry enterprises management association is established

2015-07-19 16:56:19

As the eye health services market is growing, deepening the reform of medical health system, health optical enterprise needs a new communication platform and mechanism innovation and development. Based on this, the national association of health industry enterprises management depending on light industry branch (hereinafter referred to as OIS) founding conference held on 29 November morning in zhuhai.

Enterprise management association, the national health industry DouXiZhao, vice President and secretary general Wu Yupu, glasses, chairman of the association of Chinese Cui Yi, director of ophthalmology of Chinese medical association branch members, party secretary of Beijing tongren hospital mester v, a professor at zhongshan university, vice President and party secretary of zhongshan ophthalmic center 13 bin, a professor of ophthalmology of Chinese medical association branch of optometry group group leader, the wenzhou medical university professor esmebaby, former chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) zhuhai Yu Binglin etc 105 delegates from all over the country.

Assembly adopted the visual light industry branch management discipline, voted by the optical industry branch of the council members. The first club President, elected to lijie JiaoZhiYi, jun-wen zeng, zhi-kuan Yang, haohappy vice President, Lv Yanyun as secretary-general, QiLin DiaoGongXing, vice secretary general of the first light industry branch leadership.


Beijing tongren medical science and technology development company deputy general manager JiaoZhiYi presided over the afternoon's symposium, mester v professor and professor esmebaby Shared a wonderful project report at the meeting. Professor mester v analysis pointed out that the optical technology is the center of the eye health and hub, is also the spirit and soul of glasses industry, the dissemination and promotion of optical technology is one of the important forces will do big glasses industry, also improve the level of Chinese ophthalmologists innovation and scientific research ability of the important driving force. Both product research and development, material innovation and store fitting, customer service, if domestic eye, eye depending on the light and store had the three parts of resources can be linked together, communication and cooperation, will be the development of China's optical industry play an important role in promoting innovation. Esmebaby professor pointed out that the visual health increasingly linked with the quality of life, the happiness index, so the challenge for the current eye is structural eye demand is gradually replaced by a functional eye needs, from choosing surgery, refractive surgery age gradually transition to the visual function recovery time, the need to attach great importance to improve the visual quality. So the visual health care has an important significance and broad prospects, hospitals, clinics should attach great importance to the development of optical eye.


Research and policy in the future, the branch will be around the industry construction, market regulation and industry exchanges and promote the standardization system construction, industry, trade cooperation and guidance, training and consulting services industry, industry results display and promotion for the industry such as innovative, professional service.

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