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How to care the frame glasses?

2015-07-19 16:55:21

Shanghai eye hospital experts point out that the new horizon, a lot of friends because of school, the job is busy, your eye is not correct, led to the occurrence of myopia, glasses is the inevitable result. Learning frame glasses care is required for all young students. Frame glasses, then, how to care? Below, we take a look at.


1, if it is a temporary place glasses, please send glasses raised face up. If the convex lens is put down, will scratch the lens.


2, the use of a special lens cleaning cloth, pay attention to be sure to wipe the mirror up in their hands the frames on one side of the edge silk, gently cleansing the lens. Avoid excessive force the frame or the lens damage.


3, please use both hands hold the mirror legs parallel to the direction along the cheeks two removable wear. If use single hand picked about damage frame balance, and cause deformation.


4, most of the frame is designed by starting from the left mirror legs folded, so if you fold the right mirror legs, it is easy to cause deformation of the frame.


5, lens with grey or dirt, dry clean easy to scratch the lenses, suggested after water with a paper towel blot moisture again with special glasses cloth to wipe dry. When the lens is dirty, it is suggested that using low concentration of neutral detergent to clean, dry and then rinse.


6, don't wear glasses, a cloth into the glasses boxes, glasses, please. Please avoid when saving and pest control, clean toilet supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, contact corrosion items such as medicines, otherwise it will cause degradation, metamorphism, lens, frame color.


7, the frame deformation would cause nose or ears burden, lens is easy to loose. Recommendations on a regular basis to shaping adjustment in front.


8, resin lens was strongly impact the possibility of broken, eyes and facial damage easily, suggest not to use during strenuous exercise.


9, advice, do not use has been lens scratches, stains, crack, and so on and so forth, otherwise you will see things caused by scattered light color not clear, cause eyesight to drop.


10, sunglasses even if the difference between the lenses have color shades, and don't look straight into the sun or strong light, otherwise it will hurt the eyes

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