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Four necessary and related common sense for using presbyopic glasses

2015-07-19 16:49:37

As is known to all, eyes after reading need to wear presbyopic glasses to correct. But some common sense associated with reading glasses, and almost no one knows. Formosa optical center senior optometrists a detailed inventory of presbyopia for everyone will know the four common sense.

The attention, in front of the glasses

1, eyes after reading, should choose to normal, the prestige good optician or optical configuration reading glasses, glasses have some guarantee quality and service, optometrists fitting technology is relatively more professional.

2, in front of the glasses, should be scientifically optometry, do not buy blindly. Buy ready-made presbyopic glasses should also first optometry to determine their own vision, and then under the guidance of professional personage to buy.

3 glasses for the purpose of, in order to solve the problem of vision, meet the demand with the eye. So to use eye glasses for the demand and used to inform the optometrist, so as to match to a more suitable for their own reading glasses.

Second, the choice of the lens

1, from the material of lens, can be divided into two categories, namely, glass lenses and optical resin lenses. Glass lenses while high hardness, wear-resisting performance is good, but its impact resistance and weight than resin lens, is seldom used now. Resin lens is much lighter than the glass lenses, and impact resistant performance is good, not easy to break. Some high quality resin lenses are add hard processing, hardness is greatly increased.

2, according to the lens optical principle can be divided into three categories: the single photon presbyopic glasses, more than double light and gradual focal lens. When single lens can only be used for the close, look far need to remove glasses, abroad has been basically eliminated. Progressive multiple focal lens can meet the demand of far in near depending on the different distances, the appearance is very good also, foreign penetration rate is quite high, domestic use are also more and more.

Third, how to choose the spectacle frame?

1, when choosing frames, in addition to most people particularly care about the appearance of beautiful, special attention should be paid to the selected frame size and their distance to match as far as possible, choose the frame more by listening to the advice of an optometrist, not only in appearance as selection criteria, because it directly affects the quality of the glasses and wearing comfort.

2, the material of frame, there are quite a variety: alloy frame, plate frame, titanium frame, ox horn frames, metal frames, etc. In general, the alloy frame to compare economical; Plate frame is beautiful and fashionable, easy to tie-in dress; Titanium frame lighter and deformation, corrosion resistance, not easy to fade away; Ox horn frame has qingrejiedu, ziyin cool blood, such as health care function, in recent years has been people favor.

Four, reading glasses, daily maintenance

In life, most people want to use his glasses live longer, but usually few people pay attention to daily maintenance of glasses. After glasses, how to maintain the glasses?

1, both hands to pick glasses is the most basic way to avoid frame forms. Glasses production is completed, an optometrist will undertake adjustment according to Dai Jingzhe face to the best comfort. Daily wear, with both hands to pick the wear glasses, avoid the frames deformation.

2, to keep the lens clean, often wash. Glasses have a dust as far as possible don't use cloth to wipe the mirror, so easy to make the lens wear away, results in the decrease of light transmittance, affect visual result.



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