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The gulf area has become the glasses hot-selling market

2015-07-19 16:47:41

According to some research abroad, according to a report in the Middle East, light intensity of special hot climate, coupled with the buying power of the local people, makes the optical lens, frame, sunglasses, contact lenses, and other various types of eye care products in the local has been very popular.


According to the report, the Middle East countries are very rich, local people spend most money on shopping, fashion, beauty and maintenance, the pursuit of fashion is not inferior to European and American developed countries. Can be bought in the united Arab emirates (uae) ordinary small store world brand products, large goods store has everything. And some commodity prices are much cheaper in China, because there have no import tariffs. Glasses products is no exception.


Gulf manufacturing is not developed, but the local rich people need a lot of consumer goods. Decades of import, entrepot trade, make the local distribution channel is quite mature. In recent years, opticians are Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries to the gulf, use of distribution channels, the partial products for local consumption directly, while surrounding the transit to the gulf countries, African, Indian subcontinent, etc. Local store had just like China, a shop can have a variety of brands of glasses, but there are one or two flagship brand. Of course, there are brand stores in the form of.


According to incomplete statistics, only dubai local retail store had about 630, including brand chain, there are more than 400. In dubai in the large supermarket and streets you can see all kinds of brand stores and retail stores, variety is complete. But at the same time, the ophthalmic medical optical instruments in the local acceptance has not high, mainly due to the local people know of ophthalmology of fuzzy, small number of regular eye health check every year.



Only the information market, to achieve the biggest market tension and energy radiation. To form the radiation pattern of systemization and extension situation!


Therefore, say, only the informatization glasses market: is the most extensive market, truly becomes international glasses market!

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