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Glasses also has "life" and the best using time is two years

2015-07-19 16:47:02

Do you ever wear glasses in this experience? A pair of glasses to wear for several years or even more than ten years, has not changed. Not willing to change, but didn't notice the glasses also have life, need to change. The reporter understands in the interview, so that citizens have a lot, especially the elderly, wearing a pair of reading glasses for a couple of years are not replaced.

Wear, eye doctors think, mirror and frame deformation can be myopic degree deepening, suggest that teenagers to check once half a year, adults also had better be checked regularly. Glasses is best one in two years.

After a long time will affect

The lens optical correction performance

Public money woman eyes began to aging ten years ago, at that time, she with a pair of glasses, wear until now. "Anyway, didn't broken glasses, so still not changed, in glasses are not cheap." Ms qian said.

Reporter discovery, citizens have a lot of like money woman, most of the residents said, glasses not bad would not have to change it, and it in glasses are not cheap, and think that will not affect the eyes, it does not matter.

And many people also believe that after the lens dirty glasses, can you just finished a wipe with clothes or napkin, this kind of practice is wrong, in clothing or napkins to wipe the lens, can cause damage to the lens.

To this, the doctor said that although the degree of adults is stable, but maintain it is a good lens, in the use of two or three years later, more or less there will be some scratches, so that will affect the lens optical correction performance, so want to timely replacement lens. At the same time, not only that, after the lens has wear and tear, can also cause eye fatigue and unclear vision, thus deepening degree.

And if it is, because, in the period of growth and development is also the peak, with the eye should notice more regular vision detection and the replacement of the glasses.

You want to change lens, frame

The reporter understands, glasses lens not only need to change in time, frame also need to be replaced in a certain period of time. If more than three years or longer, frame may occur deformation, oppressing the bridge of the nose.

In addition to use fixed number of year to attention frame glasses, how to store glasses also has exquisite. Such as car, the sun glasses or myopia glasses, can't put. Because of direct sunlight, the temperature of the front gear will become very high and lens basic now, there is a layer of coating, high temperature will cause damage to membrane, such glasses to reduce a lot of life.

"A lot of people don't know how to protect a pair of glasses, will be the place. Glasses when not must be put in glasses box." A glasses shop in downtown zhongxing road, the staff told reporters, wipe the lens, must use special glasses cloth. Wipe the best water washing before, especially have a sandstorm weather, particular attention should be paid to rinse off with water after the special lens cloth to wipe clean, prevent dust scratch the lens. Clean your eyeglasses is outside introversion, wipe down a direction, don't rub back and forth; Attention should be paid to careful light with light and light wear. In order to better protect the glasses. "So as to prolong the life of glasses, especially for the elderly don't love in glasses, more attention should be paid to standardize operation. In general, two years should be replaced a glasses, you would have good maintenance, time may be extended appropriately."



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