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The ten development strategy of China's glasses industry

2015-07-19 16:44:22

China has become the world's biggest potential glasses big consumers and producers of the world's leading glasses. The lure of huge glasses market demand in China business opportunities, almost all of the international famous glasses manufacturers have to Denver, set up production base, knitting sales network or the r&d base into China. In the fifth China (Shanghai) international fair in glasses industry, from Italy, France, Germany, the United States, Spain and other countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions more than 650 exhibitors displaying the latest products, more than 320 international brand collective appearance, reflects the strong Chinese glasses market attractive and seductive.


Competition, has been launched in Chinese under the eyelids. Foreign glasses brand company of science and technology leader, the brand to advance, capital and management advantages, such as a variety of harsh "killer" market will emerge. China's national glasses brand and dominated by processing the glasses industry, will face the market competition and struggle.


In this case, how to speed up the glasses industry development in China? How to deal with a "killer" market challenges and advance?


World famous American futurists Mr Alwan toffler well said: "no strategic companies, like aircraft, flying in the forbidding climate will be in the new revolutionary evolution of technology and economy lose their living conditions". Now, therefore, strengthen the glasses industry development strategy research, is already very urgent before us. Also can say: the strategic research is the process of looking for his glasses industry process of "living conditions".


To this end, the author will put forward the development of industry of Chinese glasses ten grand strategy:


The first strategy: to build international glasses market strategy


A market, the internationalization of China have glasses?


Glasses contains a huge business opportunities. According to incomplete statistics, in 2004 China glasses gross industrial output value of more than 16 billion yuan. In recent five years, China's glasses industry years of average annual growth of 17%. With glasses consumption personalized, vogue, branding, high-grade the trend of the increasingly significant, China not only has become the world's biggest potential glasses consumption big country, and has become the world's leading glasses production country.


In recent years has not only set up in dongguan, xiamen, wenzhou, danyang, Shanghai, Beijing and other major production base. And have formed a pattern of highlighting, dotted with market development. Because of the need for speed up the development of some places, the idea of building international glasses market in succession.


But the current some glasses market internationalization is for what? How to locate international glasses market? Internationalization of glasses how market internationalization glasses market positioning? Glasses market internationalization should be has what function? How to build the market internationalization glasses? An international glasses market to accelerate the overall development of China's glasses industry should be carrying what kind of role? So some important problem is lack of rational research and rational thinking. To build the basis of internationalization of glasses market is only based on the "release, investment promotion, rent a room", think that as long as there is the surface area of the scale, to the famous merchants, rented out a lot of counter, is the "internationalization of glasses market". These ideas still lack of internationalization of building glasses market view and train of thought, a lack of international market and grasp some basic functions and characteristics. In July 2002, rise of the recovery road in guangzhou international glasses city belong to this type.


Although guangzhou glasses market is very prosperous, years pin 200 million deputy designer glasses. However, only "in the sun in the building one to four layers, each layer of more than 2000 square meters of area, and is equipped with automatic hand-held elevator and special goods elevator, central air conditioning and 8000 square meters large parking lot and attracted a large number of domestic and foreign businessmen. Apparently also does not have the function that glasses market internationalization, lack of international perspective.


Another really with international position is opened on October 27, 2003, in shenzhen henggang town glasses professional trade center. Shenzhen, half share in the global glasses production. In addition to marketing the country, but also exported to more than 120 countries and regions. The market share of 70% in Europe. World famous glasses manufacturer "gao hua", "elegant", such as a number of heavyweight glasses manufacturers have been settled in henggang town, an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan, initially formed sunglasses, reading glasses, myopia glasses, frames, lenses, and other products series. Many allied international glasses market opening, and creating able to become the international trade center glasses for cross hillock.


Glasses market and set up the internationalization, reflect the trend of internationalization of international thinking and glasses industry development in our country, to speed up China's glasses industry and world glasses industry communication, integration and complementary plays an important role. For calling, and attract international glasses company to enter the Chinese market is of great charm and allure.


However, due to the process of internationalization of building glasses market also must also have exploratory, innovative, need we met in practice, the development and perfection. Therefore, it is necessary for us to build international glasses market development strategy carry on some rational thinking and research.


Second, what is the internationalization glasses market


Internationalization of glasses market is close to the internationalization process of the city.


As the tide of economic globalization, international business development, the prosperity of international logistics and international division of labor deepening, expanded the area of communication, the space between the two cities. This kind of business flow, logistics and information flow of produced a promoting role to promote the development of productivity and radiation effects on surrounding cities. Local center for the development of regional central cities quickly from; From the domestic center city into a international city. This international city is the carrier of the international market. It laid the foundation for the internationalization market formation, provide the possibility.


International glasses market, can't simply interpreted as: international brand with internationalization.


In fact, generally refers to the internationalization of glasses market established in the international city, which has the function of international market conditions and status, to hold international glasses market information exchange center, cosmopolitan glasses of commerce and the radiation effect on the communication space, can lead international glasses market development trend, the internationalization management ability and level, as recognized by the international glasses industry glasses market.


Our country has established the international glasses market due to the lack of international perspective, the lack of the integration of factors of production to the market and a deep understanding of the role of management elements, is clearly still a big gap.


The function of the three, internationalization glasses market positioning


At present, some people use the traditional market construction ideas and approaches to international market.


Just simply provide operation sites, water supply, power supply and print, fax and other office service is the hotel type service model;


That just do as, tax registration, annual inspection and other services is window type service mode;


Just simply offer to rent a house, accept land service is a kind of property management service mode.


Above all want to zhang xian region advantage and service pattern characteristic, however, has failed to understand and grasp the internationalization of glasses market characteristics and function orientation.


In fact, the internationalization of glasses market should not only has the function of carrier of the general market and service, more important is to be supported by modern information technology, through a variety of ways and the way of integration and configuration of the production, marketing, scientific research, logistics, personnel and other factors, the formation of strong market tension and radiation.


Generally said, internationalization of glasses market positioning should be:


The information distribution and transmission center of international glasses;


The communication center of international glasses science and technology progress and intelligence;


The international glasses standards and monitoring center;


Glasses famous brand in the international business trade center;


The electronic control center of international glasses logistics;


The glasses of the integration of capital and intangible assets spread center.


The function positioning of the international glasses market is the starting point and the foothold of strategic positioning.


Fourth, the essential characteristics of the internationalization of glasses market


Glasses market internationalization is a sufficient information of the market. Here, at the core, the most critical, is the essential characteristics of market management informationization. Also can say that informationization is the internationalization of glasses market technical support. So. We are in the process of building glasses market internationalization, must understand and grasp the operation rule and essential feature of the international market.


Why is that? Because only the information market, to achieve the purchase price and sale price of the shortest path connection and the fastest speed to clinch a deal;


Only the information market, to achieve data integration and resource of quantification, to have the glasses talent attraction; The focus of science and technology to become the world's glasses;


Only the information market can realize online resource and ground resource integration, the integration of the proximal and distal resources;


Only the information market, to achieve the world transfers of glasses logistics and transportation;


Only the information market, to achieve glasses brand quality assurance technology tracking and sales impact;


Only the information market, to be fully worldwide information transmission and exchange of information;


Only the information market, to meet international buyers and price requirements of global production and global sales. To achieve the integration of supply chain;


Only the information market, to achieve the biggest market tension and energy radiation. To form the radiation pattern of systemization and extension situation!


Therefore, say, only the informatization glasses market: is the most extensive market, truly becomes international glasses market!

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