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Frame glasses shall be changed every year

2015-07-19 16:43:41

Free optometry, detection of glasses is a feature of the event this year, many people take the glasses on the desk in front of the early up. How long does it need to check the light? Glasses have what need to be aware of? Frame glasses wearing what common sense? Residents of these questions were made by xi 'an light glasses line gives the answer.


The 75 - year - old Mr Bi is the first consulting residents, old man with glasses company has nearly 60 years, 500 degrees myopia eyes he always said he couldn't do off the glasses. Gave the glasses to the staff, she said the glasses do not have what big trouble, is a little loose, technical staff immediately pick up the tools for the elderly to tighten the screws, and washed, and asked the old man the last time the optometry, "should be the last time in June last year, now degree seems to be a little change." Staff told the old man, it's cycle is generally 3 months to half a year, according to the optometry BiYongJiang last time, should check it again recently.


"Ability is bad, can't walk that distance has been didn't go." Old man gave a staff immediately pointed to a van at events to tell the old man, that's the optometry optician specially from car, the old man need not spend money, don't go out today, can it immediately. Thank Mr Bi a listen to repeatedly, with good screws glasses to line up the optometry.


Residents just off Mr Bi, Mr. Li will glasses on the table, "how could you help me check my this glasses, wear away, don't feel secure." Staff is tell the old man picked it up and looked at the centre sill pile head is broken, glasses may be too long, the old man even claims to be, this pair of glasses have followed him two or three years, as the growth of the age, said the degree of the eye, is constantly changing, frame glasses for replacement in a year or so. Site conditions limited can't replace the glasses for the old parts, light glasses line manager zhang operating manager is the old man wrote a note to promise the old man take this note to the shop can change a new pair of glasses for free to the elderly.



For the residents of the frame glasses, manager zhang warned regularly optometry, often look for loose screws, if the screw loose about lead to different deformation, etc., or picture frame to adjust immediately to the optician, avoid the resulting declining eyesight. More and more people are now wearing contact lenses, manager zhang also cautions, degree of contact lenses and frame glasses, in general it's concluded that the number of degrees is glasses degree, the degree of contact lenses have a conversion formula, you must let professionals to help after the optometry conversion before wearing contact lenses, otherwise there will be a great match lens blur, and so on and so forth."


This busy, unpick and wash glasses optometry car over there is crowded, national secondary optometrist for residents optometry, the car has not only the pupil, myopia these basic optometry instruments, measuring instrument and testing dominant vision glasses degree, all kinds of instruments, various needs of the residents.

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