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<The meeting for development of glasses industry in the Internet era>is helded in a success

2015-07-19 16:41:15

On the morning of 25,Jun, glasses industry development of the Internet era seminar ", the second day of shower decadent, windy and rainy. But this does not affect the participants' enthusiasm. Site personnel full, refined the genial smile that the meeting is successful, the participants worthwhile.

Market economy under the state council development research center, director of the institute Ren Xing states, "the electronic commerce development, influence extremely market response to". Speech, she popularized the C2C, O2O such as the definition of and on behalf of the site, point out that the rapid development of electronic commerce on the impact of the traditional retail industry and challenges. Electricity has brought the revolutionary change, also makes the inherent problems of traditional communication channels and retail became apparent. She stressed that glasses enterprise in this case should attach importance to and actively use e-commerce. And analysis is pointed out that the field of glasses industry the most O2O gene, benefited the presence of the audience.

In the end, the Chinese association of glasses of Cui Yi director of this conference are summarized. He stressed that the meeting was very successful, thank you very much for the wonderful lecture participants and experience sharing. He believes that at the meeting, everyone benefits, also to recognize my own shortcomings and errors. Hope everybody joint effort, under the Internet environment, in order to realize the prosperity and development of the glasses industry make its own contribution. He argues that the core of the Chinese association of glasses is service state, the people, not reject to accept the Internet, called on everyone to jointly promote the development of glasses industry. In addition, after the association will hold such meetings as much as possible, provide communication, interaction and cooperation platform for the field.

In a big round of applause, "glasses industry development of the Internet era seminar" a successful ending.

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