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How to protect the eyes from ultraviolet (uv) light interference

2015-07-19 16:39:08

As spring came early this year, chongqing's temperature is rising. Near New Year more and more people begin to go home for the holiday, and take part in all kinds of outdoor leisure activities.

While I was relatively cold climate, but is still very strong ultraviolet ray, ultraviolet intensity was only 20% weaker than the summer. Now, however, many people did not aware of the dangers of uv rays, because at the time of the season for outdoor activities, people rarely use sunscreen, use the sun umbrellas, let alone with a good pair of glasses to resist ultraviolet damage to glasses.

The mainland chongqing international glasses city pearls optician optometry experts to popularize the ultraviolet light can affect the health of the eye:

Small amounts of uv beneficial to human body, can produce the human body needs vitamin D, but excessive ultraviolet radiation can inhibit the body's immune system and lead to skin cancer and eye diseases, especially the cataract. "Eyes sharply under exposure to uv light can cause keratitis (a cornea and the iris inflammation), and optical conjunctivitis (a conjunctival - eyelid inflammation of the lining), also can cause pterygium (grown on the cornea white or milky opaque), and growth in conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma."

The Chinese medical association member, director of the academy of ophthalmology professor jia-liang zhao pointed out: "China each year about 450000 people blind, almost every minute, and there are 400000 cataract blindness is preventable."

Seems to resist ultraviolet ray, protect eyes is imperative. How to protect the eyes from uv rays and reduce glare of discomfort?

Wearing sunglasses answer is only half right. Because, the inferior sunglasses block uv A and B can not complete. Unpolarized light colored sunglasses, on the other hand, can make the pupil dilation, if wearing poor quality sunglasses, eyes will absorb more ultraviolet ray, instead more damage to the eyes. Secondly, sunglass is not suitable for indoor wear, so we still need to wear indoors without color lenses. From the point of convenience, people need to use two pairs of glasses (vision correction glasses and sunglasses) to meet the different requirements of indoor and outdoor, thereby increasing the a lot of trouble.

There are many Chinese consumers and eye experts believe the photochromic lenses can be well used to resist ultraviolet ray, have put it as the summer is special product, when the sunglasses, but do not think that it is suitable for winter wear. In fact, the high quality of photochromic lens not only is summer a good choice, is also the necessary eyecare products.

From the perspective of the performance of uv protection, color lenses have hundred block uva and uvb rays ability; From the point of ease of use, it has a sunglasses incomparable advantages, namely a full line of sight change color glasses eye needs enough to cope with indoor and outdoor. With polarized lens, color lens can be adjusted automatically according to the variation of light lens color depth, the lens can quickly from the outdoor and indoor transparent to the appropriate depth, effectively reduce the discomfort brought by the glare, and improve contrast sensitivity. With A/R coating, can also reduce and dispersed glare, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. Due to the line of sight? The color lenses have such advantages, it is suitable for wear lenses every day all the year round.

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