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Myopia is not terrible,what terrible is the complications of myopia

2015-07-19 16:37:46

Now many parents as long as a mention children myopia, will feel very afraid, but if you ask a parent, what are they afraid of? I believe that 80% of parents don't know, they know that only children myopia, the child's eyes can't see clearly! If just look far from clear what we don't need to worry about, just need to match a pair of suitable glasses can, but myopia will be accompanied by a variety of complications, it is the main harm of myopia! This is my work in the eyes see light nearly 10 years of experience and summed up.

First of all, what is myopia?

Myopia refers to the adjustment to relax under the premise of the distance of the parallel light after refractive medium refraction of the eye not in retinal together, form the focus, which before the retina to see distant objects fuzzy phenomenon.

What are the complications myopia?

1. Floaters

Floaters mainly because of myopia in normal colloid structure of vitreous liquefaction, patients stayed there is black shadow flap in the front, will move with the rotation of the eyeball

2. The oblique amblyopia

Myopia patients accompanied by outside hidden inclined, if myopia is not correct, for a long time outside the hidden inclined will further develop into exotropia. If the eyes are myopic degree vary more than 2.50 D (250 degrees c) used to say it is not correct, cause anisometropia amblyopia.

3. After the scleral staphyloma

Most eye myopia is shaft, long pole of the sclera obviously after thinning, the intraocular pressure, under the action of sclera is outstanding, and the formation of a size after sclera grapes. Staphyloma causes myopic degree deeper and will affect the visual function.

4. Macular hemorrhage and degeneration

Near-sighted eye axis stretch, leading to poor blood supply, retinal ischemia, in order to ensure the blood supply, will produce new blood vessels, these new blood vessels wall a very thin, easy to rupture bleeding, bleeding after the formation of macular hemorrhage. Bleeding after absorption, new blood vessels can be broken and bleeding, bleeding after many times local scarring, macular degeneration, macular degeneration can permanently damage eyesight.

5. Prespliting and retinal detachment of retina

In develops in retina macular, fundus of the equator and around, horseshoe or circular hole. In cause of retina and sclera after contact area is lesser, poor stability, on this basis, the further development of retinal detachment. According to statistics, more than 80% of the retinal detachment associated with myopia, if not timely treatment (surgery or laser) can cause irreversible permanent blindness.

Once myopia, will cause harm to the child's psychological, so parents should make the vision inspection is to give children, do early detection, early prevention, as far as possible to reduce the probability that myopia occur and slow the progression of children myopic degree.

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